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Lamination is where D&I started. Our laminators come in all shapes and sizes, we custom build them for our customer’s specific needs. There are many options to choose from, we’d be happy to walk you through picking out which ones you need.

The stand out options for our laminators are our Cross cut knives, Heated Rollers, Top and bottom lamination, Width slitters and duel re-winders.

Laminator Video 1 in FLV:Semi-Automatic Laminator

Laminator Video 1 in MP4:Semi-Automatic Laminator

Laminator Video 2 in FLV:Top and bottom laminator

Laminator Video 2 in MP4:Top and bottom laminator

Laminator Video 3 in FLV:High Speed Lam

Laminator Video 3 in MP4:High Speed Lam


Laminator and Washer Line
Laminator and Washer Line


Built to D&I Spec
Cutback Laminator, Top and bottom




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