Insulated Glass

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Design and Integration offers 3 ways to assemble insulated units.


This station is an inline assembly station which will allows operators to assemble shaped glass such as circles or triangles as well as rectangular glass.

VIDEO in FLV:Assembly-Station

VIDEO in MP4: Assembly-Station

Built to D&I Spec

Assembles Glass With Interlayer




Assembly of LowE Glass




The second is a pick and place style station. This is slow but accurate.

VIDEO in FLV: Assembly Station pick and place

VIDEO in MP4: Assembly Station pick and place

Built to D&I Spec

PVB Assembly Station



The Third is a Butterfly Assembly Station. This station offers an economical way of assembling large rectangular units.

VIDEO in FLV:Butterfly Assembly Station

VIDEO in Mp4: Butterfly Assembly Station

Butterfly Table

Butterfly Table



The PVB Delivery System Allows the storage of PVB film in a Cold room. The system is located inside the cold room it’s self; It will dispense and cut the Cold PVB and delivery the still cold PVB to the operator. Cold pvb is much easier to work with then warm, therefore speeding up the process.

Video in FLV: PVB Delivery System

Video in MP4: PVB Delivery System

Video in FLV: PVB Proposal

Video in MP4: PVB Proposal


PVB delivery system

PVB delivery system